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At BDM Genetics, we aim to provide top of the line hemp varieties with customer service you can rely on. All of our genetics are tested and verified for compliance, germination, cannabinoid profiles, and feminization rates. We do not sell a single seed that we haven't rigorously tested, or grown on one of our own farms. Our success directly impinges on the success of our farmers. We are all in this together to provide an essential product to our communities.

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BDM Genetics is a premiere hemp seed breeder. All of our genetics are top of the line, high CBD/THC compliant. We have an excellent team comprised of agronomists, botanists, fellow farmers, and a sales team available to help support all of our clients.

Our farming department is comprised of a network of past and present farmers who are always available to discuss any concerns you might have. This is an ever evolving industry and complacency is not in our vocabulary. We are always open to engaging in new ideas and techniques within the scope of reason to allow our clients the greatest amount of success.

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