Our Seeds Are Produced In Our Facility.

We don't just resell seeds. We are in control of every step of the process. From Germination, to Feminization, to Delivery. You can count on BDM Genetics.

Third Party Tested

All of our seeds are third party tested to assure the product you receive is compliant with federal regulations and of the highest quality.

Carefully Monitored

Our product is carefully monitored by an expert team of growers 24/7.  We oversee all aspects of the breeding cycle from germination through harvest.

History of Quality

Our seeds have years of tested lineages behind them. We are not a first time seed producer, but instead have a rich history of high CBD hemp seeds production.

Who We Are

After identifying an immediate need for professionalism and reliability within the hemp industry, BDM Genetics was formed in 2018. It was all too evident that hard working farmers were getting taken advantage of while being sold an inferior product.

Our goal at BDM Genetics is to provide elite customer support and service for our farmers throughout the entire growing process. As a family run company, we are in this industry to create everlasting relationships for many years to come.

The majority of our relationships have been forged through word of mouth referrals which goes to show the level of commitment we have for each and everyone of our clients.  It is with this unmatched customer service and care that sets us apart from any other company.  We are for the farmer, by the farmer.

Our Facility